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Test results for the 2021 CAASPP and Summative ELPAC are now available on our SchoolWise Gradebook Portal.

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NEW After School Pickup Procedures
This summer a pickup area was added to the front of our school. After school student pickup will now be at the gate of the white picket fence. At 2:45 when school is over, all teachers will bring the bus riders and the pickup students to the front of school. Bus riders will get on the bus and pickup students will be taken to the pickup area behind the white picket fence. Parents must park and walk up to the gate to get their students. Please do not walk in front of the bus to pick up students. If students have an older sibling, 6-8 grades, they may pick up siblings from the pickup area and walk to your vehicle. All teachers will be in the front to help supervise and get your student to you quickly.
Please view the following diagram for pickup instructions.

New After School Pick Up Procedures
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