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Update - Tuesday, 10/27/20   3:30 PM

7th/8th P.E.

P.E. Logs from the school closure are due!!!!!!

Course 3 Math  

For Wednesday, 10/28/20: 
Lesson 2.7 - Dilations.
Text P.87 (2,4,8,10,12,14,16)
Text P.88 (19,20,22,28)
Text P.89 (38,39,40,41)
Journal P.48 (1-6) ALL (Due Wednesday, 10/28/20).

8th Grade Science  

Due Wednesday, 10/28/20:
In your Physical Science Energy and Motion Booklet:
Tear out Pages 25/26 and 27/28. This will be one assignment. Complete Questions #1 to #3 on Page 25. 

Course 2 Math  

For Wednesday, 10/28/20 :
Chapter #2 Review Questions :
Text P.71-P.73 (1-26) Evens

7th Grade Science 

For Wednesday, 10/28/20 :
Text P.25 - A Closer Look - Are viruses Living Things? 
Please call, text, or e-mail me if I can be of help.
Thank you.
Mr. B
PH. (530)250-7355 

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