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Update - Sunday, 4/5/20 (12:00 Noon)
Dear Students and Parents,
Well, we've reached Spring Break. I hope that you are able to enjoy it in some way while maintaining "social distance" from others.
For those of you who were not able to connect with the bus route or school to turn your completed work in, look for more information to come. Also, schoolwork for the first three weeks after Spring Break was passed out at the bus routes. As soon as I hear more information on the plan to collect work and distribute the new packets to you, I will let you know via this web page. If you have not been able to turn the non-required work in yet, I WILL still take the work for extra-credit through the end of Spring Break. If you have any questions, always feel free to call me on my cell phone.
Please check your GradeBook Account for Math and Science. Any assignment that has a "M" entered can still be completed. Please complete these missing assignments. I will make some type of arrangement to collect missing assignments as the school closure situation develops. Thank you.
Students - we will be doing required "distance learning" after Spring Break. If you do not have a laptop, tablet, or home computer, please contact Mr. Baker (254-6577) or me (250-7355) so that we can get a Chromebook issued to you.
Course 3/3X Math
Assignment for Friday, 4/3/20.
FREEDOM FRIDAY - Your only assignment is to go through your work that you are turning in today and make sure it is labeled properly (Name, Date, Class, Assignment with page and problems).
You can also review "Functions" on Study Island if you would like.
Course 2/2X Math
Assignment for Friday, 4-3-20
Make sure that you have completed the following :
Lesson 6.5 - Percents of Increase and Decrease. (Day 2)
Read / Study Text P.240 to P.243.
Text P.244 (#2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #16, #18)
Text P.245 (#20, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36)
Journal P.132 (1-7) ALL
Students - Please do NOT turn this assignment in today (4/3). Keep it until after Spring Break.
Course 2H Math
Assignment for Friday, 4-3-20
* Please complete the Math work that Mrs. Magarrell has assigned.
7th Science
Assignment for Friday, 4-3-20
Students - Your only assignment for today is to double check your work that you'll be turning in today (4/3/20). Make sure it is properly labeled with name, date, class and assignment (Page and problems).
8th Science
Assignment for Friday, 4-3-20
Make sure that you have completed the following :
In green Life Science Book :
Chapter #7 - Genes and DNA
Section #1 - What Does DNA Look Like? (Day 2)
Read / Study Text P.208 to P.211
Complete Questions on P.211 (#1, #2, #3)
Students - please do NOT turn in any of this Chapter 7 work today (4/3).
7th and 8th Grade Physical Education (P.E.)
Assignment for Thursday, 4-2-20 : In a safe setting, 20 minutes of physical activity.
This could be power walking, jogging, playing basketball, etc.
Please log your time on a "P.E. Activity" sheet. Include day, date, type of activity, and time spent.
Have we been getting out and moving for at least 20 minutes each day??? Be sure to log your time.
Spring Break is here!!! 
Mr. B

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