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Mr. Bailey

Update - Sunday, 5/15/22. (10:00 AM)
Mr. Bailey is off campus this week - he is helping as a volunteer on the Lassen High School Biology Field Trip to the Humboldt County North Coast area. His web page will not be updated daily this week.
COURSE 3 MATH - Monday, 5/16/22.
Chapter #7 - Real Numbers and the Pythagorean Theorem.
Lesson 7.1 - Finding Square Roots.
Text P.292 (2,4,8,10,12,14,19,20,22,26)
Text P.293 (30,32,42)
8th SCIENCE - For Monday, 5/16/22.
Invertebrates - The Clam Dissection Unit.
COURSE 2 MATH - For Monday, 5/16/22.
Chapter #5 - Ratios and Rates.
Chapter #5 Review Questions - Text P.205-P.207 (1-21) Evens
Chapter #5 Quiz #2 is on Monday, 5/23/22.
7th SCIENCE - For Monday, 5/16/22
Invertebrates - The Clam Dissection Unit.
Students - remember that you have access to your Big Ideas Math Account where you will find your entire textbook, practice quizzes, and links to Khan Academy. Khan Academy can also be accessed through You Tube !!!!
Thank you.
Mr. Bailey
(530) 250-7355 (CELL)
(530) 254-6577 (SCHOOL)
E-Mail : rbailey@shafferschool.com

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