Welcome to 3rd Grade - We are better together!

Have a wonderful summer! Read, read, read!!

Our main focus in math is multiplication and division, so any practice you can do at home with flashcards greatly supports your student's success in math. We have a reading goal program called Accelerated Reader. Students read books and then take a test on the book. They earn points for the questions they get correct. The goal for 3rd grade is 10 points per trimester. Tests can be taken at home or at school. Social studies focuses on local history culminating in a county wide 3rd grade day field trip in the spring. 
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Read 20 minutes 5 days a week. Take AR tests on books you've read.
3rd Grade AR goal is 10 points!
Study spelling words. Tests are Friday.
Practice multiplication math facts.
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Ideas to lessen the summer slump
Read, read, read!!!
Write a journal about your summer - like diary entries 
Practice math facts - driving is a good time for review
Review sight words - driving is a good time 
3rd Grade Student Supply List
1   package of yellow #2 pencils
1   package of pencil top erasers
1   large pink eraser
1   box 24 count crayons
1   box 8 count markers
1   box 12 count colored pencils
2 black dry erase markers
2  pkg wide ruled binder paper
1  box Kleenex
2 red pens
pencil box
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