Welcome to 3rd / 4th Grade Math and More - We are better together!

Students will be released at 1:00 pm on Wednesday. Thursday is the Reno youth concert field trip.

Our main focus for 3rd grade math is multiplication and division. Fourth grade math continues with mult-digit multiplication, long division and fractions. Memorizing math facts is key. Please practice at home or in the car with flashcards or various math apps. Youtube has great multiplication videos from numberrock and teach with Mr. C.( who also has his catchy kid created songs on Tiktok.)
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Finish Triangle Math Practice or

similar multiplication fluency homework.


3rd Grade


Area and Perimeter
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area perimeter unit squares
length width  

4th Grade


Chapter 5 Fractions
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numerator  demoninator equivalent 
fraction whote  

May 6 - May 10
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Third and fourth grades are taking both math caaspp tests this week. Monday is the general math test similar to MAPS; Tuesday is the math performance task. 

Thursday is the Reno concert field trip. We depart from the school at 8:00am. Students need to dress nice for the concert and remember their home lunch if they are bringing one. School breakfast and lunches will be provided for those who requested them. 


Thursday night is Pride Night. Please join us at 5 in the gym for tri-tip dinner followed by performances from TK-4th grades and Spanish dancers. Both 3rd and 4th are performing songs and scenes from their upcoming class plays. I anticipate that 4th grade will be ready to perform for parents next week. 3rd grade day is Tuesday, May 14.

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