Welcome to 3rd / 4th Grade Math and More - We are better together!

Wednesday is a minimum day. Wear your house team shirts. Students are dismissed at 1:00pm.

Our main focus for 3rd grade math is multiplication and division. Fourth grade math continues with mult-digit multiplication, long division and fractions. Memorizing math facts is key. Please practice at home or in the car with flashcards or various math apps. Youtube has great multiplication videos from numberrock and teach with Mr. C.( who also has his catchy kid created songs on Tiktok.)
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Finish Triangle Math Practice!

3rd Grade


Place Value and Rounding
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ten thousands thousands hundreds
tens ones number form
word form picture form expanded form
rounding  estimate  compare

4th Grade


Chapter 1 Place Value Concepts
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period ones period thousands period
hundreds period place value chart number line
greater than equal to less than

September 18-September 21
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In math, both grades are learning with place value, understanding base ten concepts that each place value is multiplied by 10.

This week 3rd grade will continue comparing numbers with place values to 100,000 using greater than, less than and equal to, using a number line to compare values. 3rd grade is also practicing subtraction fluency, rounding, addition/ subtraction number stories and 3 digit addition and subtraction problems. 

4th grade is practicing patterns, fractions, and multi-step word problems. Our main focus is reviewing place value concepts with concrete activities, manipulatives and games including understanding that each place increases in value by 10x. I will continue to reassess student understanding and retest as soon as we can.

Parent conferences are next week. I will be sending home conference times for confirmation. Mrs. Dominguez and I will be meeting together, so just one meeting for both, but with 50 students jointly meetings will be 15 minutes, so we can see all of you. I look forward to meeting with you next week. 

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