***Conference Week September 26-30, 2022***Picture Day September 27***

5th Grade Week Ending 9/30/22
Reading: Analyzing relationships between key concepts in nonfiction texts; locating text evidence
Writing: Revision (word choice, transitions, avoiding repetition) in narrative writing
Working With Words: Prefixes anti-, mega-, syn-/sym-, dys-, auto-
Grammar: conjunctions and prepositions
Social Studies: Early Americans; New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island (50 States quiz #1 October 7)
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6th Grade Week Ending 9/30/22
Reading: Elaboration of key details in nonfiction texts; locating text evidence
Writing: Narrative writing-Creating a solid exposition
Working With Words: Prefixes ab- and ad (quiz Monday)-; de-, dif-, dis-, dys-
Grammar: 5th Grade Review
Social Studies: Ancient Mesopotamia
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We are learning the 50 states in 5th Grade this year! Students will map new states throughout the week, and test periodically to show what they know! Students need to know location of each state and that state's capital. Below is a list of states we have covered or will cover for our first test October 7.
*Students have several practice activities on Google Classroom to prepare for the 50 States tests. If computer access is not available at home, please contact me and I will happily send home practice pages for your student to prepare for these and other tests!
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New Hampshire (Concord)

Vermont (Montepelier)

New York


Massachusetts (Boston)

Rhode Island (Providence)



New Jersey


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