Welcome to 3rd Grade - We are better together!

Thank you to all who came to parent conferences. It was great to meet in person with so many of you!

We have 26 students in our class. Our main focus in math is multiplication and division, so any practice you can do at home with flashcards greatly supports your student's success in math. We have a reading goal program called Accelerated Reader. Students read books and then take a test on the book. They earn points for the questions they get correct. The goal for 3rd grade is 10 points per trimester. Tests can be taken at home or at school. Social studies focuses on local history and hopefully the county will be able to put on 3rd grade day this year. 
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Read 20 minutes 5 days a week. Take AR tests on books you've read.
Study spelling words. Tests are Friday.
Practice multiplcation math facts.
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division determine
quotient main idea
factors key details
product text 
multiplication passage
rounding recount
dividend explain
divisor support
caption drama
chart/ table/ graph characters
array setting
 repeated addition scene
don't  didn't I'll
you're we're doesn't
o'clock won't wouldn't
its can't that's

January 24- January 28
In language, we will be focusing on identifying key details in non-fiction texts for the next several weeks as well as utilizing text features specific to non-fiction. We are practicing writing opinions about books we've read together as well as writing informational summaries of non-fiction articles. 
In math, we will introduce division concepts as the inverse corrolation to multiplication and continue on both both multiplication and division concepts for 2's, 5's, 9's and 10's. Additionally, we are reviewing addition and subtraction, practicing fluency with multiplication facts, multiplying multiples of 10, division strategies, multiplication & division number stories and fact families. 
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