Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are entering the 2nd trimester of the school year. We are currently working on Ch. 4 in our math books. This chapter teaches the concept of finding area of different trapezoids. We are finishing up our novel study on The Hatchet. As we finish The Hatchet, a project will be coming home. The students will be replicating a scene from the book using a diorama, a poster, or a story-board. More instructions will be sent home at the end of this week. 
Also, I have decided to change up our spelling routine. I am going to be having them do word work in class as seat work. This will no longer be brought home to complete. Please continue to support your student by encouraging nightly reading, and the completion of unfinished assignments. 
Thank You, 
Katie Green

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October's PRIDE Recipient was Alex Arambula!
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