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Week of 1/13-1/17: 
7th Grade ELA:
Monday - Hunger Games Chapter 3-4  / Grammar Lesson 21 (Due)
Tuesday - Hunger Games Chapter 5-6 / Grammar Lesson 22 (Due) / Library
Wednesday - Hunger Games Chapter 7-8 / Grammar Lesson 23 (Due)
Thursday - Hunger Games Chapter 9-10 - Summaries  
Friday - Hunger Games Quiz - All worksheets due / Computer Lab
7th Grade History:
Monday - Chapter 6 Worksheet
Tuesday - Chapter 6 Worksheet
Wednesday - Chapter 6 Review
Thursday - Chapter 6 Quiz
Friday - Chapter 6 Worksheet / Current Event
8th Grade ELA:
Monday - Farewell to Manzanar Chapter 5-6 / Grammar Lesson 19 (Due)
Tuesday - Farewell to Manzanar Chapter 7-8 / Grammar Lesson 20 (Due) / Library
Wednesday - Farewell to Manzanar Chapter 9-10  / Grammar Lesson 21 (Due)
Thursday - Farewell to Manzanar Chapter 11-12 - Summaries
Friday -  Farewell to Manzanar Quiz - All worksheets due / Computer Lab
8th Grade History:
Monday - Chapter 9 Lecture & Notes
Tuesday - Chapter 9 Lecture & Notes
Wednesday - Chapter 9 Lecture & Notes
Thursday - Chapter 9 Worksheet
Friday - Chapter 9 Worksheet 

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

Albert Einstein

     Teacher Classroom Decor

Teacher Classroom Decor

Where Monsters Can Grow

Beware of the monsters
Who dwell in the mind, 
Who grow in the shelter
Of shadows they find.
Beware of the demons
Who hide from the light,
Who only survive
When our spirits lose sight.
Those creatures can thrive
Where our knowledge is low;
They fill in the spaces
Of what we don't know.
Beware of the monsters
That cause us to hate,
To strike out in anger
When we can't relate.
For ignorance darkens
The mind and the heart,
And helps all our monsters
To tear us apart.
But learning and thinking
Will strengthen us so
We won't be the places
Where monsters can grow.

Congratulations to 7th & 8th Grade December PRIDE Recipients:


Josie Leaman & Natalia Hernandez

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