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Congratulations to our August 7th & 8th Grade PRIDE Students:

Breanna Fox & Cirrus Randall

Please Fill Out and Return Conference Notes This Week!
Week of 9/16-9/20: 
7th Grade ELA:
Monday - Call of the Wild, Ch 4 Worksheet (Due) / Grammar Lesson 70 (Due)
Tuesday - Call of the Wild, Ch 5 Worksheet / Grammar Lesson 71 (Due)
Wednesday - Call of the Wild, Ch 5, Worksheet (Due) / Grammar Lesson 72 (Due)
Thursday - Call of the Wild, Ch 6, Worksheet / Writing Activity (Due)
Friday - Language Review / Paragraph Analysis / Computer Lab
7th Grade History:
Monday - Chapter 2 Lecture & Notes
Tuesday - Chapter 2 Lecture & Notes
Wednesday - Chapter 2 Worksheet
Thursday - Chapter 2 Worksheet
Friday - Current Event
8th Grade ELA:
Monday - Lord of the Flies, Ch 5 Worksheet / Grammar Lesson 75 (Due)
Tuesday - Lord of the Flies, Ch 6 Discussion & Worksheet / Grammar Lesson 76 (Due)
Wednesday - Lord of the Flies Ch 6 & 7 Discussion & Worksheet / Grammar Lesson 77 (Due)
Thursday - Lord of the Flies, Ch 7 Worksheet (Due) / Paragraph Analysis / Writing Activity (Due)
Friday -  Language Review / Computer Lab
8th Grade History:
Monday - Colony Reports
Tuesday - Colony Report Notes (Due)
Wednesday - Colony Reports
Thursday - Colony Reports
Friday - Colony Reports / Current Event

This Year's 7th & 8th Grade Student Council Representatives:

Jaime Marquez, Lucy Olson, William Carpenter, and Jaime Victoria


     Teacher Classroom Decor

Teacher Classroom Decor

The Benefits of Reading for Pleasure

The American Library Association has researched studies and found a strong connection between daily independent reading and overall academic performance.  Here are the findings they cite from numerous studies:

  • "Students who read independently become better readers, score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas, and have greater content knowledge than those who do not"

  • "The more elementary-aged students read outside of school, the higher they scored on reading achievement tests"

  • "Multiple studies support that even a small amount of independent reading increases primary and elementary students' reading comprehension, vocabulary growth, spelling facility, understanding of grammar, and knowledge of the world"

* Cited from an article by Monica Fuglei, "How Reading for Pleasure Helps Students Develop Academically," on Concordia University-Portland Website

A person who won't read has no advantage over the one who can't read.

Mark Twain

Congratulations to Our Student Council Officers:

President - Aurora VanDeventer

Vice President - Natalia Hernandez

Secretary - Aiden Baldwin

Treasurer - Shannon Faiferlick

Activities Director - Colton Thresher

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