Have A Wonderful Summer!

Congratulations Class of 2018!! Good Luck Next Year!

Dear Parents of Shaffer 7th & 8th Grade Students,

Good readers usually do better in school because reading skills are important to all academic areas.  Unfortunately, research indicates that students who do not practice reading over the summer suffer a decline in learning gained during the school year.  Studies show that reading just 4 to 5 books in the summer can help prevent this "summer slide".

Another way for Shaffer students to maintain their reading levels is to access our Study Island program online.  Students can open this program using their same account username and password used at school.  Students may complete assignments in both reading and grammar using this tool.  When they return in August, rewards will be given to those students who have completed assignments.

While your child is enjoying his/her busy summer, encourage them to take some down time with a good book, or have them take a few minutes online to complete a Study Island ELA assignment.

Thank you for your continued support!

Kathy Shelden

Class of 2018

Jacob Arellano

Desiree Bailey

Jacob Carrillo

Dylan Crozer

Wyatt Faria

Jacob Garate

Joel Hernandez

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